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【書報討論】108/10/3 國立成功大學 吳誠文副校長


演講者:國立成功大學 吳誠文副校長

講題:AI Baseball: Semiconductor, IOT, and the Sport Industry

This talk is to introduce the trends of semiconductor opportunities in the fast-growing area of sport technology, which is a much larger industry than the semiconductor industry itself. The objective is to promote cross-disciplinary research and education in (baseball) sport science and technology, which includes IOT, AI, 5G, cloud computing, advanced sensors, etc., in addition to the domain knowledge in sport science. Without loss of generality, we will focus on baseball as an example. Trends in areas like smart venue, immersive media, quantified athlete, next-generation sponsorship, esport and fan engagement will be introduced. Examples of existing products, systems, and services will be given.