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【書報討論】108/10/24 前福特汽車公司(中國南昌) 范炘博士


演講者:前福特汽車公司(中國南昌) 范炘博士

講題:What “Smart Mobility” in Future May Look Like and Their Technology

演講摘要:Mobility, in simple term, can be defined as a performance to bring people and/or goods from point A to point B. In historical term, the flourishing of mobility accelerated human society development, as the evolvement provided means for mankind to interact and exchange. Looking back, from the invention of wheel and sail in ancient times and up to the development of trains and steam ships during the first industrial revolution, each change marked a significant improvement in overall productivity. But not until the proliferation of automobiles and airplanes in 20th century, human being couldn’t really find convenient and comfortable methods to cover long and wide range of activities. In particular, the proliferation of automobiles and the industry to deliver that not only changed the dynamics of transportation, but also helped the rapid growth of middle class in different societies. Meanwhile, the prosperity over the last 100 years has seriously amplified issues like pollutions, global warming, city congestion, nature resource misappropriation, unequal community development, … etc. Now with many innovative technologies being developed and emerging new mobility models being explored, human being is at another junction that may define next millennium and beyond. Among the overwhelming complexity, let’s have a chat over what may lay ahead to change the mobility using current forms of automobiles.