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【書報討論】108/10/31 國立清華大學科技管理學院 史欽泰張忠謀榮譽講座


演講者:國立清華大學科技管理學院 史欽泰張忠謀榮譽講座

講題:The journey of 0 to 1

演講摘要:A journey of thousand miles begins with a single step. 千里之行始於足下. What appears to be fruitful banquet today, there always sweat and tears. Today, interest in AI technology is exploding, many jobs will be replaced by AI machines. We don’t know what the world will become in 30 years from now. But perhaps we can learn something from our past journey. Taiwan economy may be impacted less than expected? Two cases will be shared: 1). How Taiwan’s semiconductor industry was builded. From 1976-2003, from 0 to trillion. 2). How Tsing-Hua University build its entrepreneurial culture, and improve university-industry relationship from 2004-2018.