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【書報討論】108/12/26 國立清華大學奈米工程與微系統研究所/動力機械工程學系 李昇憲所長/副系主任


演講者:國立清華大學奈米工程與微系統研究所/動力機械工程學系 李昇憲所長/副系主任

講題:應用於智慧製造之微機電振動感測模組開發MEMS-based Vibration Sensor Module for Smart Manufacturing

摘要:MEMS-based sensors gradually become mature thanks to the advances of micromachining technology. Such miniaturized sensors also enable various applications, such as IoT, AIoT, smart manufacturing, and industry 4.0. In this talk, I will mainly focus on the design and development of MEMS piezoelectric accelerometer modules implemented as vibration sensors for machinery monitoring.
Piezoelectric accelerometers are of great interest due to their wide dynamic range, low output noise, low temperature dependence, superior stability, and high sensitivity. In current technology, detection of the extremely weak vibratory signal is of the utmost importance, which has paved way in developing high sensitive accelerometer to serve as vibration monitoring element for emerging Smart Manufacturing. I will introduce the design, modeling, simulation, fabrication process, interfaced circuit, experimental verification, and data analysis for the proposed sensor modules.